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Everything Holistic Wellness

with Miranda Lee xoxo


I am Miranda Lee. 

I am an empathic, intuitively guided woman with a passion and soul purpose to support and hold space for others in their healing journey.

Since childhood I had an incredible connection to mother earth and special gifts, and after a health issue forced me to slow down and do my own inner work and learn important lessons, I am so proudly and gratefully reconnected with the parts of me and gifts that had once been pushed down. And now, I am blessed to be sharing, teaching, and holding space for my clients to help them in their journey. "I don't know why I am telling you this" is something I have been told my whole life, as people (sometimes strangers) have felt called to share with me about things they are holding, experiencing or needing to get off their chest.

And now that makes so much sense why. I am passionate about creating a supportive, safe, non-judgmental space for stillness, silence, presence, and connection to allow our heart, body and emotions to be honest, open, vulnerable and real with ourselves. The process of releasing, healing and gaining clarity and connection within yourself that happens when you allow that time and space... is truly the most empowering, healing, incredibly life changing gift we can give ourselves.

Often times in our society, people feel like they have to go about their emotional and physical healing alone. As humans, we are meant to be connected and supporting each other. This is where I come in. Talk therapy can do amazing things (and I encourage it, as I also use it for my own healing), however it is through my own personal work, my training, education and own experiences that have given me the tools of Somatic Therapy, Reiki, Held Space and Mindfulness that can be such a supportive, healing tools that I love to share with my clients.

Feeling called to book a session?
It can be as quiet & relaxing, or deep and emotional as you wish. Whether you are working through something specific in life, feeling stuck or very emotional, needing to relax, want to try something new OR just interested in seeing what comes up...when you give yourself the time, presence and space to just relax, amazing things can happen.

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