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To be the happiest, healthiest version of self, you must balance and create connection with all the components that make up wellness. The body, the heart, the mind, the emotions and the soul.


My studio proudly offers a space to show up just as you are, to do the physical movement and training. To breathe, meditate & journal. And also to join with community for stillness, healing, releasing, and support.

And I created it for you."


-Miranda Lee

Studio Philosophy

As humans, we must always be checking in on our bodies and aligning with what it needs from us. Each chapter or phase of our life may require our time, energy and focus to shift, with different aspects of our health needing more or less attention at different times. Balance between the physical body, emotional wellness and inner healing, the soul and spiritual practice all need balance. And that journey will look different for each of us.

We offer services to holistically support you all the ways.

From Movement, to the Mind & Soul.


Phases that have more stress, may require more rest, inner healing, more time for journaling and reflection, meditation, or finding practices to settle the nervous system. Gentle movement (or maybe a good sweat), somatic experiencing, Reiki, joining others in circle, or a good lifting session may be what you need to support yourself through that phase.


Physical changes within the body due to aging, health changes or illness, pregnancy, postnatal, disability or an injury may mean some shifts in the frequency and type of movement the physical body needs. Being able to connect with what you need and allowing the ego to step aside (and your expectations of the body) while you change things up to support it can be challenging...but is so necessary.


Changes in our lifestyle, in relationships, within our responsibilities, can all affect how we:

prioritize ourselves, express our needs, impact our feelings for control, how we can adjust to changes, our mindset and our self-talk, the activation level of the nervous system, and how we can stay open to the ebs and flows of life while staying connected with and supporting ourselves. 

We can't wait to support you in whatever your journey is calling for!


"I have participated in several different practices with Miranda. Yoga, Full Moon releases and Mindset sessions. I'm not sure if I can articulate the impact she has had. Miranda has given me the tools to teach me how to create a safe place for myself in my body and my mind. Don't get me wrong, it is a journey...but it is one that I hope to continue with her. Also, it has been a pleasure to see her grow alongside us in her own journey. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher."


I did a reiki session with Miranda not too long ago. She is very good at what she does! I released so much tension and stress during our session, and she gave me a message from my spirit guides that brought me so much comfort. After my session, when I would become anxious, I would repeat what my message was out loud and it instantly brought me comfort. I love how personable and welcoming Miranda is. I felt so safe to release emotions or anything that needed to be set free that was buried within during our session. I highly recommend going to her if you are thinking about trying Reiki! I will be coming back for another session in the near future!


"Working out at Aligned and with Miranda has allowed me to become the best hockey player I can be each and every year. She has pushed me every single time I come into the gym, and she genuinely wants to see me succeed. The workouts and yoga sessions have vastly improved my hockey abilities and I wouldn't be where I am today without her."
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