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Miranda Lee 

Owner of 'Aligned Holistic

Health & Wellness'

Somatic Practitioner

I am Miranda Lee.

There are many things that can impact our nervous system, its ability to regulate, and connection with the body. So much disconnect we learn in childhood, and carry those coping strategies and ways of fitting in and disconnecting into our adult life. 


Living in a constant state of hustle, always on the move, overcommitted, under constant stress, being in situations or relationships where you don't feel supported (safe), and 'being in your head' leaves us in states of activation. Lack of boundaries, people pleasing, trying to always keep yourself together, and repressing emotional expression are just a few, and can lead to a lot of held, unprocessed energy, tension and disconnect from our physical body.


As a woman of disability, who experienced burnout in life and physically in my nervous system, I am passionate about holding space for you to show up, with all parts of you, without judgement. Being open to connect with parts of us and feelings that we are taught aren't welcome. Tension. Anger. Sadness. Fear. Fatigue. Procrastination. Rather then pushing through, numbing or avoiding...meeting them with curiousity, compassion, sitting with and processing.


It can become such a beautiful way of being with yours senses, the felt body, and feelings in the present, while learning gentle practices or movement to support and nourish the nervous system.

Join me for a session to be supported in learning about your nervous system states, how to come into the body, notice sensations, hear messages from the body, process held emotions, and learn practices to use in your daily life to create and support safety, regulation, and presence in your body.

Because when we allow all parts of us to be felt, connected with, and heard...that is how we heal.

*Reiki, Energy and Body Work may be incorporated on an individual client basis 

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Ariana Baggio BSW, RSW

Owner of 'Aura Counselling'


Hello! My name is Ariana, Registered Social Worker and owner of Aura Counselling. I am passionate about normalizing conversations about mental health and creating an atmosphere of openness.

In my practice, I support clients holistically using a mind-body therapeutic approach through a trauma-informed and strengths-based lens.

I am committed to creating a trusting, safe, and non-judgemental space where you can feel heard, valued, understood, and accepted. A space for you to heal, grow, explore your experiences, and share your story.  You are the expert in your own life. I will meet you where you are at, empower you, and assist you in recognizing and utilizing the strengths that are already within you.

The challenges that life present us can feel heavy, but you don’t have to work through them alone.

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Thank you Miranda for the great session! I have had pain in my back forever and now there's no pain! That alone is so awesome! I am so excited, you are amazing.

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