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A beautiful weekend of everything Holistic Wellness to celebrate and welcome SPRING! The energy of Spring guides us to come from our state of retreat, quiet and pause from winter, and transition gently into movement, renewal and more energy! 

This Wellness Treat will incorporate Breathwork, Journaling,
Somatic Connection, Education on Nervous System & Practices to Support your Nervous System, Reiki, Gentle Movement, Restorative Yoga, Acupuncture OR Craniosacral Therapy, Sound Therapy, Meditation, Inner Healing, Cacao Ceremony, Uplifting Conversations, Connecting with Community & Delicious Snacks.

Starts Friday March 15 @ 7-9pm through to Saturday March 16

Early Bird Registration Until March 7th
$275/person with $150 deposit at Online Registration
Regular Price: $320/person


There are only 20 spots available for this Retreat!
Everyone will do Fri night and all Saturday, with exception of the following, where you will choose which experience you want...(first come first serve registration)

10 spots to include 'Seasonal Alignment' with Acupuncture
(Starting with this sess @ 1030am-12pm)


10 spots to include 'A Soft Reset' with Craniosacral Therapy
(You  would start with Soul Flow at 1pm and end with this sess @730-9pm ) 

All Sessions Hosted In Studio at Aligned Holistic Health & Wellness




Vitality Acupuncture

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Aura Counselling



Aligned Holistic Health & Wellness



Free Bird Bodywork

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Rose Wellness

Friday, March 15th

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Wellness Retreat Kick off

Friday, March 15th @ 7-9pm

The intention of this session is powerful healing, as this intuitively guided candlelight session will help to open what needs connection, support release, and empower self love.


Miranda will be leading this session using all of her tools and training to support healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The experience will settle the body, shift the mind, while going deep into inner healing using conscious breathwork and supportive Angel & Holy Fire Reiki to guide through a journey of healing trauma.

Restorative Yoga, Journaling, Energy Clearing, Grounding, and more will be incorporated as guided.

Saturday March 16th

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Session 1: Seasonal Alignment: Spring Revival

@ 1030am-12pm

Hosted by Miranda Lee & Andrea Scheler

<Ten Spots>

Miranda & Andrea come together each season change to collaborate for this offering, and they are back for another session in this "Seasonal Alignment" series. These sessions support the transition from one season to the next, and all the physical, emotional, and energetic shifts and releases that go along with that!


For ten retreat participants, we will START with Spring Edition, which will be a combination of Acupuncture in Restorative Yoga poses, along with sound therapy, Reiki energy healing, supportive breathing and Somatic Grounding.

Session 2: Soul Flow

@ 1-230pm

Hosted by Miranda Lee

Lets get gently moving to awaken the body, create warmth and energy, while connecting with the body, mind and soul.


This session will include a silent meditation, Qi Gong, Gentle Flow Yoga, Somatic Practices and more to release anything held in the body from Winter, and make space for everything we are calling in for Spring.

*suitable for all body types

*led by a Woman of Disability

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Session 3: Understanding Healing

& Nourishing the Nervous System

@ 3-5pm

Hosted by Miranda Lee & Ariana Baggio

Join for this educational session about the Polyvagal Theory to get a better understanding how our body and brain work together to respond to trauma or stressors that are part of everyday life. Learn about nervous system response states and how our bodies try to protect us. The goal is not to always be calm, but to build resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability to meet daily demands. 

Learn practices, coping strategies, techniques and different ways to support, nourish and connect with and promote nervous system resiliency using somatic exercises, practices, breathwork, and sensory connection.

Soul Women Social & Snacks 5-6pm

Session 4: Women's Cacao Ceremony


Hosted by: Miranda Lee & Taylor Rose

Details Coming Soon...

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Session 5: A Soft Reset

 Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki & Restorative Yoga

@ 730-9pm

Hosted by Miranda Lee & Jess Laing

<10 spots>

Miranda and Jess are pairing up for this session they have been manifesting for quite some time, and Spring felt like the right time! For ten retreat participants, we will end the day with this soft and supportive session. 

Miranda will provide guidance and support through several held restorative yoga poses using bolsters and weighted pillows to allow the body to let go and be supported. Restorative yoga allows for total relaxation, while she moves person to person offering Reiki healing to move and clear energy.

Jess will make her way around providing a few gentle, light touch manipulations with the cranium and spinal cord to bring a pause to the nervous system. This helps to provide somato-emotional reset and brings a deep sense of relaxation and rest.  


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