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The Struggles Can be Empowering AF

Part of my journey was going from being an able bodied, competitive athlete, to living with a physical disability. And what I thought would create a problem, has actually made me absolutely fuckin empowered.

I originally went into university for Psychology. But just as I did in high school, I struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts, and remember the SINGLE DAY I made the decision and said “fuck it, I’m doing Kinesiology because working out and sport is what keeps me happy.”.

What I didn’t know was that…it was a way of coping. Sport and movement are AMAZING (not arguing that), but we must also know how to cope outside of that! How to manage stress without slamming around weights. How to be with our feelings and move gentle. How to check in on how we are doing without doing anything, because the body you have today might not be tomorrow.

Today I leave my studio after a week of helping all spectrums of health, reminded of why I have been on this journey. And the experiences and understanding I get to share with the people I help. All those moments that almost broke me, and the fuckin inner work I had to do to get where I am today. And sharing that to help gives tips and tools to ALL ages and ALL body abilities.

It’s EMPOWERING AS FUCK to show people they can be successful, and they aren't alone! I’m honoured at the volume of people I get to help working through depression and mental health. Injury and health issues. Disability. And completely able bodied and high performance. And make programs to be done to chill music to help a client just move and not feel overwhelmed. Not everyone comes to me to get stronger…but to feel better, mind, body and soul!!

Honoured that I get to help people move, listen to them vent, hold space for tears and anger, energy healing, and also help give tools to improve mindset, release pressures, and honor their needs…just as they are!

The thing that doesn’t change. We all have to connect with our body as it is today! Not what is expected or seen as success, but what it needs and craves. We all need to learn to be still. To be tender with the nervous system, muscles, bones and the stress we put them under. And also how to just move as feels good and empowering!

We all need to care for our mind and soul, using tools to support our emotional and mental needs. WE ALL NEED TO DREAM, not just stress and worry, and give ourselves permission to not always be ok.

Beyond thrilled watching people in wheel chairs, those with canes, those with disabilities you ‘can’t see’ be empowered in their bodies and minds and call back their power through all my modalities, talks and coaching.✨


Miranda Lee xoxo

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05 may 2023

Thanks for always being so welcome when I was so insecure about working out. Coming to the studio allowed me to come out of my shell and be me while working out even during my struggles. The modifications helped me out alot. Miss you and hope to be back soon ❤️

Me gusta

Morgan Surber
Morgan Surber
04 may 2023

Your an inspiration ❤️

When I have come to your classes, some I have come at the times where I have been low, and have always felt better during and after.

Thank you for being you ❤️

Me gusta
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