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School Kids Meditating

Youth Wellness Summer Camps

  'Pay As You Can Afford' Scale  
    $111  $166  $222  (plus tax)   

A camp developed to support youth of all body types, athletic abilities and experiences in all aspects of wellness, outside of just "sport and fitness", and teach tools to train smart and feel the benefits of a workout, prevent injury and burnout, improve confidence, and improve their health and wellness as a whole!

From being active and moving the body, to being present, meditation and mindfulness, and creating healthy habits for mindset, handling stress or big emotions, team building and goal setting. 

Each day will include a practice of "checking in on ourselves", goal/intention setting, movement and physical activity (to their own level), a style of yoga or stretching, and a type of stillness practice including mindfulness, grounding, breathwork or gratitude practice to relax or wake ourselves up! 


This will be a supportive environment where we focus on learning about our limits, healthy challenges for ourselves, celebrating hard work, but also how to be supportive to other participants and encourage others!

Camp Days Includes Learning:

Time in Each Section Varies on Age & Group Needs

15-30 min

Check In, Somatic Practice, Meditation

Proper Warm Up

45-60 min

Age Appropriate Strength & Conditioning

Cardio & Agility

45-60 min

Stretching & Yoga Practice

Presence and Stillness to Relax

15-30 min

Mindset Tools, Journaling, Goal Setting



Camp Hosted by: Miranda Lee

BSc. Kinesiology | Registered Yoga Teacher 
Holistic Health & Life Coach | Holistic Youth Wellness Mentor | Somatic Practitioner | Breathwork Coach | Reiki Master
Woman of Disability Mentor

Miranda is passionate about supporting her community in all aspects of wellness. As a health professional, she is passionate about getting people moving, but sees the value and importance of incorporating mindfulness, body connection, mindset tools, somatic connection and more to support the mental health and emotional aspects of wellness.

In a world where everything is moving at a fast pace, the value of learning the tools to support stillness, mindfulness, presence, gratitude, and mindset are more important then ever. Especially for our youth! Sport, movement and fitness can be an incredibly important tools for good health, and can be fun and accessible to all, but it is soo important that it isn't the only tool!

The diagnosis of behavioural conditions including ADHD, depression, anxiety and more is rising at a concerning rate among youth. Miranda's big goal is to teach youth ways to motivate themselves, soothe and calm themselves, release energy in a healthy way, and build confidence with mindset tools!

She can't wait to bring youth of our community together to have some fun, sweat, learn some health habits, build presence and gratitude, and watch confidence and dreams grow!


**Camps have since been changed to be Co-Ed

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