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'Her Whole Self' Webinar | Womens Wellness in Todays World

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A free 'no-bullshit approach' webinar to chat Women's Wellness in todays world. As women excel today in creating, leading, guiding and support in workplaces, entrepreneurship, relationships, motherhood and for our loved ones, how it impacts us in all aspects of holistic health. Lets chat a few ways we can adjust habits, mindsets and practices to provide better care and softness for our Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual health in todays world. Unlearning the ways we have created sustained hustle, unrealistic expectations of self, physical tension, unprocessed emotions, neurological overstimulation, and lifestyles that end up making us feel dysregulated and leading to burnout and a feeling like we have to go at it alone. We are not projects. We are not our businesses. We are not our productivity. We don't always have to have our shit together. And our self worth is not measured by how things look in our life. Join this Women's Webinar community with Miranda Lee as she speaks from her own experience and training how you are not alone, you are not a project but a journey, and how to better support self with softness and grace in this very fast paced, masculine world.

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