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Movement & Fitness

'Aligned' places significant importance and passion towards ensuring our classes are successful for each of their participants. We believe that each class should be adapted for the individual, not the individual needing to adjust to fit the class.

We strive to offer something for everyone. Whether it be our 6 week Group Classes, Personal Training, or just hosting our Open Studio for you to do your own thing...we want you to feel motivated, supported, and completely comfortable on your fitness journey.

It is for that reason we keep our classes and groups small for a more cozy, inclusive, personalized and individualized atmosphere! We love to get to know our clients and what they need from us as fitness professionals.

"I cannot say enough good things about the fitness kickboxing classes at Aligned!

I signed up on a whim by myself back in August for the 4 week intro class. To say that I have been HOOKED - pun intended- ever since might be an understatement.

If you are looking for a class that is a full workout and builds confidence, this is definetely it! No matter your experience, you are welcome to come out and learn. I am not moving into Level 1.5 and I couldn't be more excited!


"The environment and space here is welcoming, inviting and calming. You can be your authentic self and be heard and find ways to help your body, mind and soul that you didn't know you needed. I cannot say enough good things about what Miranda does as a trainer, teacher and human."


"A truly inclusive fitness facility, whether its day 1 or 1000 in your health journey, everyone is welcome. Whether its spin, yoga, free weights and machines, or group fitness or private training, there is truly something for everybody"


"If your Dad or cool Uncle never taught you how to throw a punch, than you need this class. Let Miranda show you how its done in an environment that is safe, friendly, high energy, and all fitness levels inclusive. No class is the same, but be way because you will leave feeling energized, sweaty and strutting out the doors feeling like one bad Momma. Literally, the only downfall is that these classes are only held once a week. Love. These. Classes.


Classes are always well planned, with thorough and comprehensive instruction. All body types and levels of ability are welcome. No participants are left behind! Align is a great place to ditch the anxiety and get a sweat on to some rocking good music. I highly recommend giving it a try!


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