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Intuitive Holistic Sessions with


In person & Distance Sessions Available

Holistic Life & Health Coach
Master Angel Reiki Practitioner
Usui Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner
Somatic Attachment Practitioner
Registered Yoga Teacher
Empath | Moon Child
Mother & Wife
Woman of Disability Mentor

Let me introduce myself.

I am Miranda Lee. I am an empathic, intuitively guided woman with a passion and soul purpose to support and hold space for others in their healing journey. Since childhood I knew I had an incredible connection to mother earth and special gifts, and after a health issue forced me to slow down and do my own inner work and learn important lessons, I am so proudly and gratefully reconnected with the parts of me and gifts that had once been pushed down. And now, I am blessed to be sharing, teaching, and holding space for my clients to help them in their journey. "I don't know why I am telling you this" is something I have been told my whole life, as people (sometimes strangers) have felt called to share with me about things they are holding, experiencing or needing to get off their chest.
And now that makes so much sense why.

I am passionate about creating a supportive, safe, non-judgmental space for stillness, silence, presence, and connection to allow our heart, body and emotions to be honest, open, vulnerable and real with ourselves. The process of releasing, healing and gaining clarity and connection within yourself that happens when you allow that time and space... is truly the most empowering, healing, incredibly life changing gift we can give ourselves.

Often times in our society, people feel like they have to go about their emotional and physical healing alone. As humans, we are meant to be connected and supporting each other. This is where I come in. Talk therapy can do amazing things (and I encourage it, as I also use it for my own healing), however it is through my own personal work, my training, education and own experiences that have given me the tools of Somatic Therapy, Reiki, Held Space and Mindfulness that can be such a supportive, healing tools that I love to share with my clients.

Feeling called to book a session?

It can be as quiet & relaxing, or deep and emotional as you wish.
Whether you are working through something specific in life, feeling stuck or very emotional,
needing to relax, want to try something new OR just interested in seeing what comes up...when you give yourself
the time, presence and space to just relax, amazing things can happen.

My Beautiful

for the body, mind, emotions & soul

In Person & Distance:


45 min: $88 

60 min: $111 

90 min: $145

*tax is included

Reiki for Relaxation

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. The practice is used for healing the body, mind, emotions and spirit.


Ki is "life force energy", which makes up everything that is alive. It flows through the body in pathways, such as the chakras and meridians. Ki is meant to flow freely and balanced, however when this flow is disrupted, we can experience it by low energy physically (illness or pain), emotionally and in our thought process. This beautiful energy work can promote healing, relaxation, clarity, and peace.

These sessions are amazing for anyone. The pace of life is fast, and we often don't give ourselves much time to just relax and breath. In this session, you will relax on a massage table, wrap up in cozy blankets, and just relax while I move Reiki (as guided) with my hands either over top of you, or with gentle touch. For many clients, the energy movement can be felt in the body. <Reiki can also be recieved from a distance>


The end result is often feeling super relaxed, peaceful, lighter and clearer. I often end my sessions with a card pull for reflection, if feeling called.


Chakra Clearing Session

Whether you are feeling like you are carrying pain, tension or heaviness physically or emotionally in the body...this can be a very relaxing, and beautiful session to get everything moving. Reiki can help to move energy to heal the body, mind, emotional well-being, and soul.

The body and its chakras are the focus of this session. From the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown, each chakra has a different focus, meaning or purpose. By assessing where there is felt heaviness, we can work through what it may mean and get the energy moving more freely through the body.


In these relaxing sessions, you will just lay wrapped up in a blanket, either on a massage table or on the floor in a restorative pose with use of bolsters and props (your choice). Reiki will be done to move ki (or life force energy) through the body with the practitioners' hands either being held over the body or with gentle touch. For many clients, the Reiki energy can be felt in the physical body in a very relaxing way. 

I often like to seal my sessions with a sage clearing, discussing what came up for me as a practitioner during the session and how it may resonate, and do a card pull at the end of the session for reflection.

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Reiki for Inner Work

This style of reiki is very powerful if you are trying to understand emotions, behaviors, or triggers and trying to work through them and gain clarity.

Angel Reiki can allow clearing, release and clarity with:

  • Clearing Old Beliefs

  • Inner Child Work

  • Past Lives

  • Connecting with Passed Loved Ones

  • Generational Healing

  • Cutting Chords

I hold Angel Reiki very dear to my own heart as this was where I started on my journey of healing, and connected me deeply to where there was work and healing to be done, as well as connecting with my passed loved ones and soul team. Life. Changing. Healing.

MW2022 (82).JPG

Intuitively Guided Healing Session

Not sure why you are feeling called to book?

Or going through something but not sure what you need?

I am blessed with an incredible group of instructors who have taught me soo much in so many different fields, and a team of guides who help me, help you. Using intuitive guidance, we will dive into wherever we are guided, however we are guided.

It can include anything from a guided meditation, doing some breath work, settling the body and doing somatic work, to Reiki, connecting with a passed loved one, past life or inner child work, messages from your guides, and finishing with a card pull. The more open you are to your healing and the way you get there, the more beautiful and liberating it can be!

These are my absolute favorite sessions! We will chat about what's going on in your current life journey, and then we will dive into whatever we are intuitively guided to tend to (within your comfort limits of course).

MW2022 (55)_edited.jpg

Somatic Attachment Therapy & Body Connection

Somatic therapy is an approach that helps us to rewire and settle the nervous system from pain, overwhelm and coping strategies and patterns that affect how we feel in our bodies. These responses affect how safe, at home and connected we feel in our bodies, with other people and within the world as well as how we react.


This beautiful process, different from talk therapy, brings you inward to renew a felt sense of connection and security in the body, metabolize unprocessed emotions, break cycles of protective attachments (fight, flight, freeze and collapse) with relationships, identify and sit with the body's felt emptions. By identifying our coping methods and attachment style (which is often developed in childhood), settling and creating safety in the body, we can restore healthy boundaries and be able to have better relationships with ourselves, others and the world. 

Somatic therapy can be an incredible way to build mindful connection within the body, understand triggers, learn how to settle the body through tools of resourcing, regulation, meditation, breathing, visualization and creating presence. 

Our body is only trying to protect us, and is constantly sending us signals. When we learn how they feel, to identify them, how to connect with them, to settle the nervous system, we can better support ourselves and feel safe and at home with ourselves. 


" Miranda is a truly inspiring person and powerful healer. You can tell she does this work with her soul and it drives her passion to help others. I highly recommend Miranda to anyone looking to dig deep and begin their own healing journey. Or even just to visit her for a purely relaxing session. I love Miranda's energy!"

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"Miranda is such a beautiful soul! From her holistic space to how real and open she is has been a breath of fresh air. I absoluely love Miranda's vulerability and energy! Her willingness to share her gifts, story and experiences is why I would recommend working with her! Her guidance will absolutely move you forward in your life journey. Thanks again Miranda, I LOVED my healing session with you."


I did a reiki session with Miranda not too long ago. She is very good at what she does! I released so much tension and stress during our session, and she gave me a message from my spirit guides that brought me so much comfort. After my session, when I would become anxious, I would repeat what my message was out loud and it instantly brought me comfort. I love how personable and welcoming Miranda is. I felt so safe to release emotions or anything that needed to be set free that was buried within during our session. I highly recommend going to her if you are thinking about trying Reiki! I will be coming back for another session in the near future!


" I worked with Miranda in a one-on-one healing session. She used Somatic Body Work, Reiki and we talked. It all felt very natural and easy. She made me feel so comfortable and secure, and supported during the session. When I left, I took a deep breath as if a big weight was lifted off my shoulders and felt more clear for days after the session. I'll definetely be seeing her for more work in the future and I'm excited for group sessions and to exerience more of the healing modalities she's bringing to the community.
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