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We love to help you align with movement your body needs, and find success and support in your health journey.

Our health & fitness journey is always changing, and our bodies go through different cycles! Sometimes we are higher energy, other times we may be feeling stuck, emotional, or low energy. Other times we are dealing with stress, recovering from pain or injury, or looking for an extra push to reach a goal. Different chapters of our lives require different styles, frequency, and intensities of movement to support us. "Pushing through" does not always have a positive impact on our bodies!

If your workouts and health plan isn't leaving you feeling happy, energized, supported, and grounded, or you are just getting may be time to re-assess its structure. Sure, sometimes you don't feel like working out... but moving your body should always make you feel better...body, mind and soul!

Team & Group Sessions

Accountability. Support. Inclusion.

After 14 years in the fitness industry, it is my group clients that I continue to see the most commitment (especially long term) from. There is something about getting to know a group of people (who become like your fitness family), knowing they support you, and are waiting for you to be at your session.


Everyone is at their own level, but all come together for the same show up for themselves, do their best, and move their bodies!

The same goes for when teams or larger groups of people come together for the same purpose. Whether it be a group yoga, a team strength session, or a meditation...there is power, support and success in numbers.

"It just feels good to be at Pipes! It's inclusive, accessible, and Miranda is both incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. Group classes allow me to be part of something while still working at my pace on my goals. I love not having to plan my workouts. Just show up and get sweaty!"


" Aligned has changed my life! Physically, emotionally, and mentally I am a better person thanks to Miranda and her team."


"I absolutely love Aligned! Miranda and her team do such a great job offering a variety of classes for all fitness levels. The atmosphere is so welcoming and positive. You can make every class as challenging for yourself as you want, plus you have instructors by your side giving you the confidence to keep going. It is truly a place for ANYONE! Aligned is both physically and mentally rewarding. Sign up today- you won't be disappointed!"


"Miranda and her staff bring about a great place to exercise and socialize. As a personal trainer, Miranda searches your needs to help you be stronger both physically and mentally. If your looking for high energy, discipline, progressive development, contact Miranda and her crew!"


"I have trained with Miranda for over 8 years. After a debilitating back injury she guided me back to fitness helping me fin the balance of what works best for my body. Miranda's knowledge and intuition is unmatched, and her programs are always the perfect balance of Yin & Yang. Best trainer and human around!"


"Miranda has been with me through my fitness and rehab journey. Her knowledge and care have been part of successful fitness and rehab. With my recent surgery, I started my recovery with one-on-one training. With her guidance, I have gone from no balance, strength or confidence to being my old self. I will continue to work with her going forward.  


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