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Upcoming Offerings


'The Honoring' 
A Year End Reflection, Centering & Celebration of Self 
Online with Miranda Lee

December 30th @ 7pm | $33/ person

 This session is online so you can create a supportive, relaxing, comfortable space for yourself...yet be guided and supported by other beautiful humans honoring their journeys. Pop in your headphones, light a candle, dim the lights, wrap up in a warm blanket, crack open your journal, and join for this gentle, supportive session of relaxation, reflection, and celebration of you. 

For the past 4 years, my practices in December have been so incredibly powerful in being really honest with myself while creating rest and allowing reflection, and truly seeing myself for who I am. There is just so much that happens in a year, and it seems to go so quickly, but sometimes we forget just how far you came. And you simply aren't the same person you were this time last year. Looking back and unravelling the year month by month is just such a life shifting practice! There was likely joy. Sadness. Challenges. Wins. Excitement. Change.


I will incorporate meditation, breathing, card pulls, reiki healing, journal prompts, coaching, a guided practice to journey and reflect on your year, and more. Are you ready to sit with the emotions and gratitude in all the things you got to experience? To look back at what you learnt, ways you have grown, obstacles you overcame, and also sit with who your soul wants to be with, and where it wants to take you?

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"A truly inclusive fitness facility, whether its day 1 or 1000 in your health journey, everyone is welcome. Whether its spin, yoga, free weights and machines, or group fitness or private training, there is truly something for everybody"


"If your Dad or cool Uncle never taught you how to throw a punch, than you need this class. Let Miranda show you how its done in an environment that is safe, friendly, high energy, and all fitness levels inclusive. No class is the same, but be way because you will leave feeling energized, sweaty and strutting out the doors feeling like one bad Momma. Literally, the only downfall is that these classes are only held once a week. Love. These. Classes.


Classes are always well planned, with thorough and comprehensive instruction. All body types and levels of ability are welcome. No participants are left behind! Align is a great place to ditch the anxiety and get a sweat on to some rocking good music. I highly recommend giving it a try!


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