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Feb 9, 2024 - Mar 28, 2024

Her Soul Journey | 6 Weeks of Softness

  • 49Days
  • 22Steps


A 6 week online guided (but very personal) self paced journey of softness and healing for women to shift your life, mindsets and relationship with self! In a challenging season of life? Feeling overwhelmed or stuck? Releasing trauma? Health issues? Relationship struggles? Difficulty prioritizing self? Defining worth by productivity? Feeling burnt out? Perfectionism? Difficulty being still with self? Or just wanting to build up your tool belt of safe care practices? Wherever you are on your journey, all parts of you are welcome. Learn tools to soothe your nervous system, process emotions, practice mindfulness, connect with body messages and senses, calm the body and mind, rekindle intuition and soul guidance and more. Launches Saturday February 10th (at the new moon), through to Spring Equinox and ends on a full moon, March 26th. Optional (but encouraged) ZOOM meetings with guided healing weekly, that you can practice in the comfort of home. Together we will create commitment to self practices, learn from each other, and create a community for self love and exploration into aspects of our holistic wellness: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. Each week new material including tools, practices and guidance will be released to allow and support connecting with yourself in softness, openness, healing and love. Tools integrated include: * Exercises to practice on your own * Journaling Pages to support all areas of wellness * Videos to guide gentle movement, restorative poses, nervous system support, and somatic connection * Guided Meditations & Visualizations * Mini Breathwork sessions * Reiki healing * Information of various topics from grounding, chakras, somatic connection, utilizing your breath, nervous system support, cyclical living, moon cycles, signs and astrology, and more to dive into and help you explore and connect deeper with your heart and soul * And More When you allow stillness and softness...the body talks and healing happens.

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